23 June 2024

Phone and appointment booking services

LuxAzur Services

Would you like to leave for a few days?

No problem, we are always there to answer your patients, collect their messages, the appointment requests via our personalised online agenda which you can access wherever you are through the Internet.

Kindness, effectiveness and discretion are our principal assets.

The installation is very simple : On simple deviation by activating *21* 26 26 41 + your n° of extension that we communicate to you and who identifies you and # your line in our offices.

You wish to take again the line for the day or a few hours ? Just type # 21 #
Moreover, this service allows you to save real money compared to wage costs:

  • competitive fees
  • no worries with a vacations or sickness
  • no social contribution

Moreover, it always gives to your customers satisfaction to have professional with their listening from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m..

All things considered, for you, telephone permanence combines peace and effectiveness

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