23 June 2024

Fees and prices of our phone and appointment booking services

Our Fees*

Our tariffs to ensure your telephone permanence from
Monday 8 a.m. to Friday 6 p.m.
starting from a simple telephone deviation of the call number of your cabinet.

  • by day: 190 €
  • by week: 450 €
  • per month: 1290€

* For an average number of 20 calls per day. If you expect more calls, please contact us. Prices without VAT.

Quality Service

fees answering services

This price includes:

  • answering the telephone under your name in Luxemburgish, French, German, English, Portuguese 
  • giving general information about your company or cabinet (schedules, service of garde…)
  • management of your customised online agenda
  • forwarding of the appointments and messages noted at your office, by e-mail in real-time or at the end of each day.

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